In The Community

Community involvement can be anything from a donation of time, money or resources, or it may constitute a wider contribution, such as setting up long-term projects or supporting a certain issue that affects people in the area.

Treescape are proud to have been involved in numerous community initiatives, many of which are showcased in our monthly newsletter.

Some examples of Treescape’s community involvement include:

  • The supply of machinery and mulch for school planting days
  • Promoting and providing the people-power for major planting projects
  • Contributing to community initiatives to help disadvantaged children and at-risk teens

Treescape also support larger nationwide initiatives, such as our partnership with New Zealand Civil Defence, to ensure we are best equipped to support the community in the case of an emergency. 

If you're looking for support on your community project, simply get in touch with your local Treescape depot to discuss your ideas.

*Pictured is our Brisbane-based Community Planting Trailer.