Bio Security

Treescape provide bio security training to staff heading into at-risk areas, and run awareness programmes to ensure our staff can identify and reduce the risk of spreading pests and diseases.

Treescape also work closely with the Department of Conservation in New Zealand, and the Department of Environment and Energy in Australia, to ensure we follow industry best practice and have been involved in many high-profile eradication projects. These often involve the eradication and/or control of pests and disease, working closely with the public to ensure minimal disruption. Details of some of these projects can be found in our newsfeed

All Treescape sites are kept weed free, and all vehicles are required to be thoroughly washed to prevent the spread of weeds and disease. Full vehicle wash down bays, using recycled water and bunding, are used on most of our sites (the others use public truck wash facilities), to ensure vehicles are not spreading unwanted pests and disease. 

Vehicle movements are also monitored when travelling in and out of infected areas to ensure contamination is prevented.

We publish articles on biological issues in our monthly newsletter, to build awareness not only internally, but within the wider Treescape community.