While Treescape may be well known for our ability to clear land with our large machinery and plant, many are not aware that alot of our operation involves land restoration and vegetation protection. We love restoring land back to its former natural glory and often engage in projects that take many years to come into fruition.

Land clearing is just one part of Treescape’s wider service area. We have teams in both New Zealand and Australia who provide expertise and knowledge to clients and the wider community on wildlife protection, bio security, and effective long term vegetation management and planting projects. We work within the constraints of the environment to ensure the best result is obtained, working with nature’s restrictions such as water shortages and tight spaces, moving mountains to make plans a reality. We are hugely aware of the risks of biosecurity, and of our longer term commitment to leaving our environment in better health than it was when we discovered it.

Treescape work closely with our communities, assisting with planting projects and donating mulch to schools and other community organisations. We are committed to ensuring that the spaces we work within are greatly improved as a result of having Treescape there, and welcome stories on your restoration projects, or requests for community assistance.