Planting / Restoration

Treescape specialises in large landscape planting projects and contracts, including parks, reserves, and wetland planting.

Treescape planting crews have extensive experience working on revegetation projects of all sizes. We undertake mass street tree planting and maintenance schemes for some of New Zealand and Australia's largest councils and major development companies.

Our projects may range from 10,000 plants to supplement existing vegetation, to 100,000+ as part of a full-scale reinstatement of local habitats or road side revegetation projects.

Revegetation projects usually start with planning and site preparation which includes weed control, plant supply, planting, and ongoing maintenance if required (e.g. weed control and plant releasing).

Treescape are actively involved in the revegetation of many new storm water ponds, requiring the development of new and innovative ways to control birds and pests.

Treescape's fleet of specialised maintenance equipment provides you with the best machine for the job and allows us to complete your project to your exact specifications.

Our teams are also experienced in project management, revegetation planting, environmental abseiling and on projects where rope access is required. We also support community planting projects and are actively involved in numerous community initiatives which assist in the enhancement and beautification of landscapes and public areas.