Tree Transplanting

Transplanting mature trees is a great option when you want to add instant greenery to a new section, or for instant maturity in a park or streetscape. It also allows you relocate trees within your section to free up construction space, or to comply with resource consents.

There is however, a real art to successful transplanting. With proven experience and the specialised equipment to move almost any size tree, Treescape are the people for the job. We can tackle trees weighing from just a few kilos to those weighing over 140 tonnes, and can move them a few meters, or a few hundred kilometres.

We have purpose-built lifting frames and strapping systems to protect the tree’s roots during transport, large truck or excavator-mounted tree spades and the expertise in irrigation and soil enhancement to ensure that trees remain in the best of health. Thorough preparation is the key to protecting surrounding plants and property and achieving the result you want with as little disruption as possible.

Treescape’s tree spades are another option for transplanting as they provide a quick and cost effective way to transplant with minimum stress on the tree. 

Our truck-mounted spade enables us to move trees over large distances at speed, site-to-site or town-to-town. And for sites where access is difficult, our tree spades can be mounted on an excavator.

Once your tree has been moved, it is crucial to look after it to ensure it lives a long and healthy life. Treescape's maintenance service, carried out by our consultants, delivers all the after care your trees need to settle in to their new home.