Land Clearing

Turning unusable land into productive land for use for other purposes is no small job, and takes some serious equipment in order to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Whether you are tending to a building site, a site that is overgrown, or a site too steep to manage, Treescape have the right machinery to make light work of your land clearing requirements.

Treescape’s land clearing service is ideal in situations where vegetation is out of control, you are working to a strict timeline, or where access is difficult. We have heavy duty fleet and equipment at our disposal, and enlist the services of specialist contractors (such as cranes and helicopters) when required.

Treescape work with land owners, roading contractors, utility companies, local government, the transport sector, and property developers to transform plots of land into manageable sections, ready for the next step in your project.

Services available to you include:

  • Fire break creation and clearing for pylon gullies
  • Reclaiming overgrown land
  • Earthmoving for future development
  • Survey and fence line clearing
  • Hedge and shelterbelt removal
  • Tree cutting, de-limbing, mulching and removal
  • Stump grinding and removal

Where possible, we recycle all materials felled on site, leaving it for your future use. We can also take away all debris and mulch leaving the site clear and ready for development.

Treescape are experienced in working on sites with multiple contractors, always ensuring safety is maintained and working closely with others for greatest working efficiencies. Our crews are trained to Australia's and New Zealand's forestry and arboriculture standards.