Asset Management

Managing your green assets on an ongoing basis is the smartest and most economical way to maximise tree health and vitality. We'll help you to identify potential problems early, put a plan in place that supports healthy growth, and ensure your trees look great and live for a long time.

Treescape use asset mapping tools to assess and report on trees and vegetation. The software used for asset mapping is sophisticated, and capable of delivering detailed information in real time, in all kinds of client situations. 

Treescape have developed several mobile GIS hybrid software systems which help us to schedule complex projects and to plan for effective arboricultural workload management.

Asset management services include:

  • Capturing and recording information on the unique attributes of trees and other vegetation (such as at parks, tertiary institutions, schools and golf clubs)
  • Assisting with landscaping works, with planting lists, species information and planting locations
  • Predicting the clean up costs and timeframes for storm response situations
  • Capturing data on future or past tree maintenance work, which is great for budget scheduling on large projects 


Data captured during the day is consistently uploaded and sent to the client via Treescape’s secure database, so you'll always be seeing your green assets in real time.